081 SigTalks | It’s Not How Much You Do That Counts, It’s How Little You Do

With your host, Dr. Carey Pabouet-Sigafoose.

How much more do you do in your office then just the chiropractic adjustment? How are you explaining the SUBLUXATION to your patient? Do you explain the outside in method, as in outside stressors cause the subluxation causing dis-ease or do you explain the subluxation is what is allowing the body to have a lowered resistance to outside influences, such as viral and bacterial infection?

No matter what you are doing, are you doing to much to your patient and could they respond better to care if you do less? For the first time I think I am finally understanding what my father is saying, but I could use your help in understanding it more. So leave a comment and let me know what you got out of this episode.


Dr. Carey


Meet the Host

Dr. Carey Neal Pabouet-Sigafoose

Dr. Carey Pabouet-Sigafoose

Dr. Carey Sigafoose, a chiropractor and speaker, is the youngest son of Dr. James Sigafoose. During his life, Dr. James Sigafoose devoted his time to speaking worldwide about chiropractic philosophy. After his father’s passing, Dr. Carey decided to continue the legacy of educating chiropractors.

He digitized much of his father’s work, and created an online store, Sigafoose.com, so anyone could access the incredible information his father had provided throughout the years. From there, SigTalks, a chiropractic podcast was born.