108 SigTalks | There Is An Innate Intelligence In All Living Things

With your host, Dr. Carey Pabouet-Sigafoose.

Is Innate in your garden? How about in your cat or dog? Is Innate in the fish in the ocean or the sequoias of California? If Innate is in all living things, then I think the answer to all of my questions is YES!

There is intelligence in all living matter, now that does not mean it knows how to drive a car or build a skyscraper, but then again we don’t know how to change the color of our skin like a Chameleon.

So seeing that there is intelligence in all living matter, doesn’t that mean it may want to live or survive or continue to propagate itself? Well if you made it this far into my rant, I suggest that you listen to what my father has to say about it all.

Side note, this episode is one where I pretty much agree with everything my father, Dr. Sig, has to say.

Miracles never cease! (LOL)

Dr. Carey


Meet the Host

Dr. Carey Neal Pabouet-Sigafoose

Dr. Carey Pabouet-Sigafoose

Dr. Carey Sigafoose, a chiropractor and speaker, is the youngest son of Dr. James Sigafoose. During his life, Dr. James Sigafoose devoted his time to speaking worldwide about chiropractic philosophy. After his father’s passing, Dr. Carey decided to continue the legacy of educating chiropractors.

He digitized much of his father’s work, and created an online store, Sigafoose.com, so anyone could access the incredible information his father had provided throughout the years. From there, SigTalks, a chiropractic podcast was born.