160 SigTalks | The Primordial Subluxation Is???

With your host, Dr. Carey Pabouet-Sigafoose.

It’s CHURCH day at SigTalks! Dr. Jim takes us to church today and a whole lot of other places too.

Hint! My favorite part comes towards the end when he talks about “thought” and not the think and grow rich kind, the unsubluxated mind kind.

See You On The Other Side,

Dr. Carey

Be yourself and do good things. Those are two gems I pulled from this episode. There are so many more, but that is what I got. What did you get? As for the title, “We Need Each Other More Than We Realize,” well you will have to listen to figure that out for yourself…

Dr. Carey

Sometimes the hair on the back of your neck standing up, is a HUNCH, that you should probably listen to.

This week on SigTalks, Dr. J. Sigafoose, covers Hunches and Intent. Two topics that I have a hunch you are not going to want to miss.

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Dr. Carey

Hidden at the end of this clip from the “Soms Nu, Some Niet, series on the Sigafoose Weekly program, is a gem! My father pulls out 4 things that you must do to have a successful practice. Now I could tell you what they are or you could listen and find out. Also listen to the end for the AMAZING special deal on Sigafoose Weekly.

Well as always I hope you like this episode as much as I liked doing it. See you again next week.


Dr. Carey

There is more “Wisdom” in this episode then I could handle! Sooo, I focused on what I could and I took it from there.

What is it that you want? What are you willing to do to get it? Are you willing to keep at it until your spark ignites? These are the things that I heard, that is why you have to listen to it yourself, even though I make you listen to my humdrum explanation of my fathers work. LOL! That is why it is at the end, so you can fast forward through it. 🙂

Oh, yea! Coming soon, instant buying buttons on the SigTalks page so you can buy the entire episode of whichever clip I played. Sort of Sig A-La-Cart.

Love & Light,

Dr. Carey

You do not contact Innate, Innate contacts you. That is also where you will find Chiropractic. It is inside of you, you just have to allow it to be released. From above, down and inside-out.

This is a clip from one of Dr. Sigafoose’s consultation calls. You don’t want to miss this clip!


Dr. Carey


There are a few things that I am proud of in my life, like my husband and my family and the program I put together of ALL my fathers products.

A program that will allow the members to listen, watch and read the lifetime of works by my father Dr. James Sigafoose.

What started as a digitizing project to safeguard all my fathers works, became a hope of my father, that I am realizing, to keep his material around for future generations, “but not just at the Sigafoose.com store,” as in a lifetime of study for a price that is next to nothing.

My fathers works have changed my life and my friend Dr. Ken Cooper too.

Have a listen to how over the past three years, of working with Dr. Sig’s material, his practice has grown dramatically and his understanding of who we are and what we do has grown as well.

Thanks For 3 Years,

Dr. Carey

Take a minute and grab the next person you see and explain chiropractic to them. If you are having a hard time or you don’t want to do it, maybe it is because you really don’t understand your product.

On this episode, Dr. Sigafoose, talks about understanding our product. If you have not listened to an episode for a while, I would highly suggest that you listen to this one and then mark it to be on repeat, until you do understand what it is we do.

Love and Life,

Dr. Carey

INNATE to money is a little deceptive when it comes to titles. If you want to hear what Dr. Sigafoose says about it, and my response, you will just have to listen.

Is my response what you thought it was, or are we not on the same page and we totally got different things out of this episode.

I think that if we teach Innate to our patients, then anything is possible.

Love yea,

Dr. Carey

When is the last time you saw a dead tree bear fruit? When is the last time you saw road kill get up and walk around?

If you answered “NEVER” then you will understand what this episode is all about.

Motion is life!

From a world class athlete running in an Olympic race, to the simplest of single celled organisms duplicating itself. Motion is life.

See what Dr. James Sigafoose has to say about it all.

Dr. Carey

Meet the Host

Dr. Carey Neal Pabouet-Sigafoose

Dr. Carey Pabouet-Sigafoose

Dr. Carey Sigafoose, a chiropractor and speaker, is the youngest son of Dr. James Sigafoose. During his life, Dr. James Sigafoose devoted his time to speaking worldwide about chiropractic philosophy. After his father’s passing, Dr. Carey decided to continue the legacy of educating chiropractors.

He digitized much of his father’s work, and created an online store, Sigafoose.com, so anyone could access the incredible information his father had provided throughout the years. From there, SigTalks, a chiropractic podcast was born.