103 SigTalks | Innate is SOURCE

With your host, Dr. Carey Pabouet-Sigafoose.

Innate is SOURCE is the concept of understanding that we are two half of a whole. It is recognizing that we are a soul and matter and that as chiropractors we help reunite man the physical with man the spiritual.

Only by understanding that we are innate and that we have a body can we understand that one is nothing without the other. Innate, in all of its Universal wisdoms, holds all the knowledge of the Universe within it and our conscious mind only know what it can learn while we are alive. We must learn to trust the innate intelligence within us and stop trying to control it by thinking that we will ever know more than it does.

Enjoy this episode where Dr. James Sigafoose takes you on a journey to understand how we as humans must comprehend innate’s role in the making of us and how we are not Carey or Patsy or Selina or Patrick, but we are INNATE.

See you in a few weeks, taking my Spring Break and heading over to ChiroEurope in Malaga, Spain.

Dr. Carey Pabouet-Sigafoose


Meet the Host

Dr. Carey Neal Pabouet-Sigafoose

Dr. Carey Pabouet-Sigafoose

Dr. Carey Sigafoose, a chiropractor and speaker, is the youngest son of Dr. James Sigafoose. During his life, Dr. James Sigafoose devoted his time to speaking worldwide about chiropractic philosophy. After his father’s passing, Dr. Carey decided to continue the legacy of educating chiropractors.

He digitized much of his father’s work, and created an online store, Sigafoose.com, so anyone could access the incredible information his father had provided throughout the years. From there, SigTalks, a chiropractic podcast was born.